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Kosher Technology

It's better to cultivate the narrative than play catch up!

Educationally Secure

  • Unbreakable security

  • Strict multi-player protocols

  • Guarantees a safe learning environment

Our Exclusive Content

Start your weekly TorahVR journey! Explore a new 30-minute experience each week, along with a tailored curriculum.

Our Exclusive Apps

613 Mitzvos

Based on the Yahadus curriculum used in 300+ schools worldwide

בית המקדש

Interactive exploration of the בית המקדש, already loved by 15,000+ students


An interactive world where students can create any 3D work


create your own tests and automatically convert them into gamified quizzes that students love to play!

Content certified by Rabbis

  • Based on the Yahadus curriculum used in 300+ schools worldwide

  • Includes interactive exploration of the בית המקדש 

  • Weekly classes teaching a new mitzvah every week

Created for robust VR learning experiences

  • All-in-one

  • Lightweight

  • Wireless controllers

  • Can be worn over glasses

  • Sanitizable components

New Content Added Frequently

Your students receive new interactive, gamified Mitzvos and Torah concepts on a regular basis

Access Content On Your Terms

Each class gets to use the portable TVR headsets whenever you decide