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Kosher Technology

It's better to cultivate the narrative than play catch up!

Educationally Secure

  • Unbreakable security

  • Strict multi-player protocols

  • Guarantees a safe learning environment

Content certified by Rabbis

  • Based on the Yahadus curriculum used in 300+ schools worldwide

  • Includes interactive exploration of the בית המקדש 

  • Weekly classes teaching a new mitzvah every week

Created for robust VR learning experiences

  • All-in-one

  • Lightweight

  • Wireless controllers

  • Can be worn over glasses

  • Sanitizable components

New Content Added Frequently

Your students receive new interactive, gamified Mitzvos and Torah concepts on a regular basis

Access Content On Your Terms

Each class gets to use the portable TVR headsets whenever you decide

Our Team  Install Headsets

TorahVR seamlessly installs headsets in your school

How It Works

TorahVR, a quantum leap in Jewish education, is designed to be used in classrooms to enhance the legacy school experience 


Ignites Meaningful Learning

World's Only Interactive Jewish VR Experience

Designed by teachers for teachers

Designed to make it easy for educators to impart knowledge and engage their students

Support. We’re here for you.

Everything you need, from headsets and classroom management to ongoing training and support were here for you.

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The Future of

Jewish Education 

This was an absolute SUPERB five star experience!!! Every part of it was top of the line! From booking the event to the actual VR experience, to the kind and friendly representatives that came down to man the event! It was run so so professionally! The manpower and speed things were running surpassed our every expectation! We covered 600 kids in 5 hours Ka'H! "The kids loved it" is an understatement and even the tutorials and introductions given were very inspirational! A real hit! Every camp directors dream! 

Mrs. Mandelbaum

Camp Chayil
Monsey, NY

Avraham Fried

Jewish Music Legend

"It's just unbelievable! It's absolutely mind-boggling! This is a whole new level that will capture the imagination of the children like nothing ever before. Nothing comes close to this, nothing can compare to this. It's absolutely unbelievable."

Good education includes many disciplines, multi-sensory, and student interest to help the child connect to the learning.  TorahVR really brings to life Jewish History and Torah learning in a way that speaks to children today. The program encourages students to become active in their learning; an accomplishment that is considered best practice. Being able to visualize and "walk through" the Beis Hamikdash allows today's youth (and adults) to experience what was and really appreciate what is now missing. When we talk about yearning for Moshiach and a better world, we can also focus in more depth on the rebuilding of the Beis Hamikdash knowing that children have a better appreciation for it. May we experience the Beis Hamikdash in reality soon!

Mrs. Rivkie Gottlieb

Judaic Studies Principal

Beren Academy

Houston, TX

Rabbi Yerachmiel

Garfield ED.D

Head of School

Yeshiva Torat Emet

Houston, Texas

TorahVR is an innovation in Torah education, the likes of which haven't been seen since the giving of the Torah at Har Sinai.

My students were enthralled by TorahVR and were left begging for more!


The team that came to help our school with this where AMAZING and helped our kids have a fantastic experience!  

We certainly plan to incorporate this in our curriculum from now on, and I'd recommend any forward-thinking school to do the same.

We had the pleasure of enriching our students' perception and perspective of the Beit Hamikdash through their Torah VR experience. One mother wrote to me unsolicited:

"I just wanted to acknowledge what a wonderful experience the VR Beit Hamikdash was. It was brilliant bringing to life this important component of Jewish history through a current and capable medium like VR. Joshua came in the car excited and wanting to share about seeing the Beit Hamikdash."

Thank you TorahVR team for coming and transporting our students to a time and place that we fervently pray will soon be a reality.

Rabbi Baruch Harris

Head of School

Phoenix Hebrew Academy

Phoenix, AZ

Yisro was the first kinesthetic teacher. The Torah would not have been given without him! TorahVR has taken that very approach to bring learning, teaching, education, and inspiration to the next level. Yasher Koach to them for their efforts, and we look forward to welcoming them to the Lubavitch Educational Center Middle and High School.

Rabbi Yakov Garfinkel

Middle School Principal


Miami, FL

From the moment the students stepped into the virtual reality environment, they were transported to ancient Yerushalayim, where they were able to explore the Mikdash in vivid detail. The level of immersion was incredible, and the students were able to learn about the history and significance of the Mikdash in a fun and engaging way.

The use of technology in this educational experience was truly innovative, and it allowed the students to fully engage with the material in a way that would have been impossible through traditional methods. The virtual reality experience provided a hands-on, interactive approach to learning, making the content more memorable and impactful for the students.

We highly recommend Torah VR to any school or organization looking for a dynamic and educational experience.

Rabbi Levi Druin

Judaic Studies Principal

Pardes Day School

Miami, FL

Our students had a great time walking around Beit Hamikdash while using top of the line VR equipment. The TorahVR team was nothing but professional, and made the learning exciting and meaningful for our students and staff alike. From the early steps of booking a date for this activity and through to the experience of the VR tour itself, the TorahVR staff made every step of the way seamless and enjoyable!

Mrs. Adi Barel

Director of Jewish Studies

Bialik Hebrew Day School

Toronto, OT

"This is something you have to experience. TorahVR is the single great step in Jewish Education since Hashem gave Moshe the luchos at Har Sinai"

Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum

Program Director Of Tzivos Hashem

TorahVR Classroom Experience

Grades 6-12

613 Mitzvos

Based on the Yahadus curriculum used in 300+ schools worldwide

בית המקדש

Interactive exploration of the בית המקדש, already loved by 15,000+ students


An interactive world where students can create any 3D work


create your own tests and automatically convert them into gamified quizzes that students love to play!

Multiplayer Brain Games

Educational and strategic games to give students an outlet while still using their minds


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