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The Answers You Need

  • No. TorahVR is converting the entire Torah into a gamified Virtual Reality curriculum. We are starting with the 613 Mitzvos as they're laid out in Tzivos Hashem's Yahadus curriculum. We will then continue onto other subjects like Chumash and Gemara.

  • No. This is an interactive tool to enhance the learning experience. 

  • TorahVR is designed to be used in schools by each class on a weekly basis. The school will own about 20 Kosher headsets and will receive new content weekly. 

  • About 40 minutes per session. Which includes lessons, interactions, gamified quizzes and kosher games.

  • We recommend this technology for users aged 12 and above.

  • This kosher technology will actually replace much of the excitement our children have for current non-kosher options. We have a unique opportunity to reframe the approach to technology. Instead of playing catchup and adding filters to already popular tech, we get to introduce the next generation to kosher-first solutions. 

  • We have two recommendations:

    • Set up a VR Room: We all grew up with computer rooms; now it’s time for a VR room!

    • Use a rolling cart that can be brought into a classroom when needed. We have an optional cart that stores, cleans, and charges the headsets. 

  • We recommend making one staff member the official VR Manager in your school. They will be trained by our IT department, and have access to them during work hours if any questions arise.  

    • TorahVR is an excellent tool for the last hour of school. We’ve heard from many teachers that the last hour of school is usually very difficult, with students losing patience and asking to leave early. When we did TorahVR at the last hour of the day, the students wanted to stay longer! 

    • It can be used as an incentive for students who perform well. 

    • It can be used on rainy days. 

  • The official recommendations by the manufacturer are:

    • 6th Grade: One 40-minute sessions a week.

    • 7th & 8th Grades: Two 40-minute sessions a week. 

    • 9th Grade & Up: Three 40-minute sessions. 

    • CPAP wipes that the students can use to wipe down the headsets to sanitize before and after sessions. 

    • Additionally, the rolling cart sanitizes and charges the headsets. The cart costs ~$3,699.

    • The principals, curriculum directors, and VR manager will be on a WhatsApp group with our Customer Service Team to help at any hour of the day.

    • Our IT staff is available during business hours. 

    • We can send our IT staff to your school if the issue persists. 

    • Our content is accessible without WiFi. 

    • However, to save students’ progress, the headsets will have to have WiFi access at least once at the end of the day.

    • WiFi is also necessary to receive new content and apps pushed to your headsets. 

    • Teachers can use our Gamified Quiz Generator portal to create tests and quizzes for students in the headsets. 

    • The test results are accessible through the portal with practical tools to track students’ progress. 

    • They can use the headset as a reward to incentivize students or for student enrichment.

  • The TorahVR program will enhance the school week by introducing an exciting immersive experience that the students can do on a weekly basis that consists of both The tvr content and tools to enhance your own content via QuizQuest.This creates an interactive and engaging learning experience that helps schools to not compete with modern technology but utilize it.

  • The subject matter currently includes the 613 Mitzvot, with a Chumash project also in development. All students in grades 6-12 will enjoy it with grades 6-9 being the target. Different capabilities of students would let them complete the curriculum faster.

  • The tools for teachers have been designed for ease of use on various devices, including phones and computers. Extensive training will be provided to ensure smooth navigation.

  • A dedicated software backup team will ensure the software is up-to-date. The headsets come with insurance, and updates will be continuously pushed online thanks to the headsets' Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Charging the headsets is easy, with all of them being able to be plugged into a wall with a dedicated shelf. A cart is also available for hosting, cleaning, and charging the devices.

  • The program is primarily designed for grades six through eight, for about 30 to 60 minutes a week. Older grades enjoy it immensely as well.

    Younger grades can use it once every other month or so as well.

  • Besides for our 613 mitzvos content which is supportive for all torah curriculum, we have a full App called quizquest to enhance all your curriculums please see deck.

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